Boston Freedom Trail – Multi-language

multi-lingual-group-c2Translating “Boston Freedom Trail” into Chinese, with format for cell phone. Next languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic. Eminently readable.

Boston Massacre site photo

Boston Massacre siteOn March 5, 1770, troops occupying Boston to enforce the new British taxes fired into a mob of about sixty rowdy Bostonians, wounding eight and killing five. This circle marks the spot of the Boston Massacre, just in front of the Old State House.

Old Ironsides vs Guerriere painting

USS Constitution vs HMS GuerriereCaptain Isaac Hull’s frigate “USS Constitution’ engaged “HMS Guerriere” in mid-Atlantic on August 19, 1812.  The battle raged for half an hour, as “Old Ironsides” vanquished her foe.