USS Constitution freedom photo

Constitution, with sails, Boston

Constitution, with sails, Boston

Feb 20, 1815 – decisive battle between USS Constitution and two British ships: Cyane and Levant. Victory for Constitution, her last major battle during the War of 1812.

Park Street Church winter photo

Park Street church, Boston, MA  winter snow, freeedom trailPark Street Church, winter sunset. Home to the great abolitionist, William Lloyd Garrison. “My Country ’tis of thee” was sung here for the first time in 1831.

Freedom Trail Thanksgiving photo

Old South Meeting Housse

Old South Meeting House on the Freedom Trail

The congregation of Old South Church (Copley Square) returns to its historic beginning at Old South Meeting House for a Thanksgiving service with Brass and Bell-Ringers. Boston history alive.

Copps Hill Burying Ground Freedom Trail photo

F-05310The tombstone of William Waters, d. 1691, at Copps Hill, in Boston’s North End. The North Battery was nearby, with cannons used in the Battle of Bunker Hill.

Fugitive Slave law

Fugitive Slave Act, 1850

Fugitive Slave Act, 1850

Fugitive Slave Law, Sept 19, 1850. Protests galvanize Boston abolitionists. 54th Regiment marches to Civil War duty a dozen years later.

Boston Historic Park – Bunker Hill photo – Freedom Trail

Bunker Hill monument clouds, Charlestown, MACentennial of the National Park Service. Many of the sites on Freedom Trail are part of the Boston Historic Park, supervised by NPS. Bunker Hill is one of the treasures.

Old State House July 4

Old State House, Boston, MAThe Declaration of Independence will be read from the balcony on the Old  State House on July 4th.  This commemorates the actual reading of the Declaration, on July 18, 1776.


Old North Church interior photo

Old North © Steve Dunwell

Old North © Steve Dunwell

Christ Church in Boston, known as Old North, is getting an interior makeover. Preservationists are discovering the original colors, and finding painted cherubs around the ceiling.

Evacuation Day – Dorchester Heights

Washington at Dorchester Heights

Washington at Dorchester Heights

Evacuation Day and St. Patrick’s Day align in Boston, marking the departure of the British March 17, 1776. This ended the “Siege of Boston”. George Washington seized Dorchester Heights, fortified it with cannons, and surprised the British 2 weeks earlier. Painting by Gilbert Stuart.

“Bloody Massacre”, Boston, March 5, 1770

Boston Massacre, by Paul Revere, from MFAthe “Bloody Massacre” as depicted by Paul Revere. British troops fired on a crowd of citizens, wounding 8 and killing 5. March 5, 1770. Re-enactment 3/5/2016.